Laser Storage Cabinet

Versatility Professional Tool Storage

Industrial Tool Storage Solutions - Laser Storage Cabinet

Versatility Laser Storage Cabinet provides safe and secure storage for laser lenses, nozzles, laser accessories and cleaning supplies. This heavy-duty cabinet contains six (6) locking drawers and (1) one see-thru compartment and a vinyl worktop. Versatility's Industrial Tool Storage Systems make it easy to sustain and standardize; keep items sorted and inventoried; and effortless to straighten and locate for simple retrieval while keeping them shiny, clean and protected.

5S Lean Manufacturing Prinicples | Versatility

  • Heavy-duty cabinet for all types of Fiber Laser or CO2 Laser Cutting Machines
  • Protects investment
  • Provides safe and secure storage for lenses, nozzles, laser lens cleaning supplies, and accessories.
  • Six locking drawers
  • Compliments “Lean” and “5S” Initiatives.