Since 1972, Versatility Tool Works has simultaneously offered: 

  • A tradition of proud customer relationships
  • Unique perspectives for every project
  • Applied technology and innovation

We believe in and have proven that a project will be a success when we work closely with our customers throughout a project, from design to delivery. We provide you with direct access to years of experience, advanced engineering, and technical innovation. The finished result is precision quality, lower costs and complete satisfaction of your project.  

With today’s technology, innovations in our processes continue to streamline our custom-design work. With machines like the one you see in the photo, VTW can integrate more secondary options into one continuous process, thereby saving time, labor, and cutting costs that are passed onto our customers. 

At VTW, our mission continues to innovate relative products and processes into our custom-design work that provides quality, cost savings, and satisfaction. 

We welcome your insights, design dilemmas, and projects.   


Versatility's  LC 2012C1NT Laser & Punch


Versatility Tool Works is a leader in the manufacture of precision tooling and sheet metal products.  Established in 1972 as primarily a tool and die operation, the company’s product line has grown into one of the most diverse in the industry. Today, Versatility manufacturers both long and short-run stampings, roll-formed products, fabricated sheet metal parts and assemblies, progressive stamping tools and fixtures, precision machined components and a proprietary line of specialty tool storage cabinets.


Versatility’s culture emphasizes partnerships with our customers, vendors, and academia. Engineering personnel uses QStep™, our customer engagement process, to drive a project’s success by positively impacting quality, cost, and delivery. Versatility Tool Works strives to be a true business partner by offering a spectrum of value-added services, including tooling, design, engineering, state-of-the-art manufacturing, and inventory fulfillment. Our involvement with local engineering universities to conduct testing and basic research projects have led to improved products and process performances. These projects allow collaboration between Versatility’s engineers, students, and professors to solve complex engineering problems.

The students and academicians are enriched by our engineers’ expertise and years of real-world experience. Versatility gains access to insight and technology found only within research institutions. The learning experience not only benefits everyone involved in the process, but ultimately, and most importantly, it benefits our customers.