Versatility Professional Tool Storage manufactures heavy-duty steel cabinets.  Products include workstations, mobile cabinets, workbenches and change-over-carts for many diverse aspects of manufacturing.   


Versatility has the heavy-duty storage solutions to streamline and organize production facilities, testing areas, warehousing, development facilities, and administration areas. 
Laboratories and Research Facilities
Technicians, engineers, chemists and maintenance personnel customize Versatility cabinets, carts, and workstations for functionality and security.
Production Facilities
Versatility Professional Tool Storage products and accessories also meet the standards of the "5S" method.
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Designed by fabricators for metal fabrication, Versatility has the broadest line of heavy-duty welded industrial cabinets for press brake and turret tooling, laser calibration, and maintenance, as well as state-of-the-art changeover carts. All industrial tooling types - Trumpf, Wilson, Wila, Amada, European, Precision and Traditions American - can be accommodated. Store, organize and secure every tool and small part and meet the standards of the "5S" method. Versatility cabinets, carts, and workstations are in fabrication and production areas, manufacturing tool rooms, model making areas, maintenance and tool cribs. 
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For vehicles, boats and aircraft maintenance, Versatility’s heavy-duty mechanic cabinets are ideal for organizing and protecting tools. Workstations and rolling cabinets are perfect for handling and working on large parts. In addition, rolling workstations and mobile cabinets keep tools nearby and can be quickly moved near the vehicle or service bay.
When it comes to automotive service, tools and parts should be close at hand. Versatility cabinets and workstations help assure tools and equipment are safely protected from damage and loss.
Performance and Motorsports
From vehicle tool and machinery storage to repair, to warehousing, to customer service areas, every aspect of your operation needs to be confident in its storage capabilities. Tough, shop-tested Versatility storage solutions greatly reduce physical storage space and provide easy access, organization and efficiency to a high-performance operation.
Automotive Repair, Assembly and Service
High-density storage allows you to store and secure tools neatly and efficiently. Keep parts where you need them—central location or stored in the shop. Call Versatility to custom-configure around your business—from cabinet sizing to drawer configurations and color scheme.
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Public Sector
Versatile storage cabinets, carts, and workstations combine durability, organization, and protection. Easily locate parts with partitioned drawers that make parts instantly visible and accessible.
Small Parts Storage
From nuts, washers, and bolts to any other small parts storage needs, Versatility cabinets and workstations keep items organized, clean and secure. With custom drawer configurations, custom-configured cabinets can be designed to meet the needs of your business. Custom divider solutions and drawer capacity up to 400 pounds help streamline inventory management and secure inventory.
Maintenance Storage & Tool Room
Create workstations and cabinets that are organized. Keep specialty tools close at hand to maximize employee efficiency.
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Heavy Duty Versatility Modular Storage is designed for outstanding reliability, intensive use, and capacity required for secure storage needs. Secure areas, warehouses, service centers, tool rooms, and general administration areas, will benefit from efficient, space-saving storage.
See Preconfigured Heavy Duty Modular Cabinets
See Preconfigured Heavy Duty Workstations

Contact Versatility engineering and storage specialists to help meet your heavy duty and tool storage needs. Let Versatility custom designed around the exact needs of your operation.