Preconfigured Heavy Duty Workstations & Work Benches

Versatility Professional Tool Storage
Versatility Heavy Duty Workstations & Work Benches

Versatility's Industrial Heavy Duty Workstations and Workbenches are an integral part of many manufacturing work areas and facilities. Workstations and works benches can be used to store all of your miscellaneous tools and valuable items and have a large work surface available for parts assembly.  Others use include assembly, welding, repair, or inspection. Increase your employee’s productivity by creating safe, efficient workspaces for your facility. 

Versatility offers preconfigured heavy-duty storage includes six, twelve and twenty-four drawer workstations. Each cabinet includes the most requested drawer divide insert kits for the heavy duty drawers. 

5S Lean Manufacturing Prinicples | Versatility


  • Increase productivity and save time. 
  • Save space. increase organization. 
  • Get more out of your floor space.  
  • Compliments “Lean” and “5S” Initiatives.


  • Assembly and Inspection
  • Laboratory
  • Packaging, Shipping, and Receiving
  • Mobile